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Symmetrical System
Basiony participated in an exhibition titled The Body Invisible Presents in December 2009 in the Mawlawiyah Palace with a conceptual performance titled Symmetrical System, in which he covered a large area of the ground stage with a liquid rubber material mixed with pigments to simulate human skin. Basiony appeared on stage wearing a blue overall, like what slaughterhouse workers wear, alongside a female performer wearing a dark Baroque-style dress with very intricate details. Basiony started to develop a surrealistic dialogue with the rubber surface. Sometimes the interaction was calculated precisely, at other times it became purely expressionistic as if his body were trying to recreate itself to become one with the surface, inspired by the architectural nature of the stage that was originally intended for ancient Sufi dancers. On the other hand, there was a tension in the relation with the female performer, who moved slowly like a puppet around him, trying carefully to invade his space. The work alluded to the nature of the contradictory relations between two different realms that might want to secretly unite to discover a common language through the virtual body.
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