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Madina 2007

In parallel  Basionys creative production resulted in a series of artworks that depended mainly on the language of interactive art this appeared in his first joint project with fellow artist Magdy Moustafa, titled The City in March 2007 This project won them the Grand Prize of the 18th Salon of Youth  The work was exhibited in the hall of Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum The project included many levels of multimedia, starting from projections within an installation that were fuelled by an interactive live performance between the visitors and the artists throughout the duration of the exhibition The City is an audiovisual journey that transposes the real experience of being on Cairo s streets into a virtual realm inside the exhibition space Each part of the real Cairo map is translated topographically onto the walls and through recorded environmental sounds coming from strategically placed speakers on the virtual map The viewers are invited to interact in an audible dialogue with the artists The dialogue is captured by microphones and processed digitally by the artists In the centre of the room sits a live performer sewing bits and pieces of the city map  creating a new city  In general the artwork is an experience that must be perceived through all the senses and reconstructed by the subjective experiences of the viewer

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