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In 2007, Basiony produced his first interactive digital media experiment in his independent project, which was part of Stammer an Interactive Experiment, a group project organized by Shady El Noshokaty for the exhibition Occidentalism, curated by Karim Francis. In this project, Basiony introduced an idea that depends on the visitors’ interaction with their own personal portraits as captured by a surveillance camera and projected onto hundreds of unlit light bulbs. As soon as the visitors enter the hall, they are able to control the amount of illumination of the light bulbs by means of the volume of their voice. If they speak at a high volume, the lamps illuminate brightly, thus overshadowing their image projected onto the same bulbs, fuelling a power struggle between the viewer and the system. The viewers have to choose either to remain silent and let their personal image appear or to produce any sound, making their image disappear in the great brightness of the lamps.
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